buy carpets from the factory

buy carpets from the factory

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In order to increase the number of weavers and manufacturers of machine-made carpets, sellers are trying to produce new methods to sell more of their products in order to maintain their position in the competitive market. One of these methods is the possibility of buying carpets from the factory without intermediaries. In this way, the manufacturers of machine-made carpets sell the products at the factory door price in order to reduce the price. The positive feature of this method is the promotion of sales and as a result, attracting more customers.

Advantages of buying carpets from the factory:

- Eliminate sales intermediaries and reduce the cost of products
- Elimination of expenses related to rent, bills and other expenses
- Remove spatial and temporal constraints
- View and select the desired carpet that fits the decor of the house with just one click
- Pay the cost of the selected carpet as a deposit and pay it in full after receiving the door

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  • Jawady Said :

    hiwe need to read with your factory product of rugs.can i get the wholesale price of rug size 1.5 x2.25 m12001500.and other types please.

    buy carpets from the factory

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